I See You Sis


Raven Mickens 

Instagram: karruchrae

This week I wanted to shine a light on all the young black entrepreneurs around the world. This week I wanted to take the time to introduce everyone to an amazing young woman, her name is Raven Mickens. Raven is 22 years young from Plainfield NJ. One of her passions is makeup. She loves doing her makeup and perfecting her craft on others as well.


Makeup isn’t just putting some blush or foundation and blending it in,  it’s an art.

” I like doing makeup because it gives me a sense of peace. A face is a blank canvas for me to draw on. It just allows for me to use my artistry differently,” says Mickens.

Mickens started doing makeup a few years ago and always had ideas of doing it on other people, but she didn’t know if she could or not. One of her best friends she claims made her feel comfortable enough to use her as a testing tool, and it worked. From that moment she knew as well as felt comfortable with doing makeup on someone else besides herself.

“I knew that makeup was something that I wanted to do when my friends told me to stop playing. One of my close friends actually pushed me to want to do more faces because of how talented she made me feel. I am so grateful for her,” says Mickens.

Makeup isn’t a easy task, nor is it something that can be rushed. Perfecting a look takes time. There are many women around the world that loves doing makeup and wish to take it on as more than just a hobby of theirs that they have.

” I would make this more than just a hobby if I had more time on my hands. If the clients matched the income from my part time job, I would definitely quit to become my own boss,” says Mickens.

Raven has done a few looks on her friends, and I reached out to her to do a few looks on me as well, For some of those looks  they can be seen on the beat faces tab on the blog.




Kayy Simone 

Instagram: therealkayy

This week I wanted to shine a light on another female entrepreneur who I think is doing amazing things for the community. Kayy also known as Kiana is a young lady from Plainfield New Jersey. She began her journey when she was 17 years old attending Saint Peter’s University. She started as a co-host on her own radio with another student on campus. A lot of people have dreams, but not many make them come true. Kiana finds ways to achieve them on a day to day basis.

“I would call myself a connector of dots. I started off as a blogger working under many publications including funk flex’s ‘inflexwetrust’. I then went on to start throwing events to keep creators of jersey together and also musicians,” says Kiana.

Kiana wanted to keep creators as well as musicians around and that’s exactly what she did. With a little push, and a helping hand she managed to succeed.

“I have always had a love for music, but a young man by the name Leonard actually pushed me to be more open and jump on the radio. I was afraid because I had always been so quiet! But to hear that someone was actually interested in something that I had to say made me feel like God was telling me to JUMP,” says Kiana.

That’s something a lot of young people especially black women don’t really do. Sometimes we question ourselves, or we don’t have the drive to actually JUMP as Kiana said and just do.

“I would tell every black woman starting a business to walk by faith, not by sight. It gets so hard for women these days to follow their dreams because society is so boxed in! It’s like you have to be an Instagram model or a video vixen to even be noticed and it’s actually sad. We need more influential women in the world! So whatever your craft may be! GO FOR IT”!

Talking about going for it and connecting the dots Kiana has done many events for her community not only in the music industry, but she gives a helping hand to others as well. One event that’s well known that she’s done is Network & Chill. Kiana’s PR skills have been looked up to by so many people, and her work shows the effort that she puts into it. Not only does she host her own events, she teams up with other determined people to make magic as well. Kiana partnered up with a few people for Project Pocketbook, a movement designed to give back to the less fortunate women in our communities. This project turned out well and part two’s in the making so be on the look out.
project pocketbook
“My favorite event definitely had to be ‘Network & Chill’, it was an event I put together for every boss in Jersey to just meet other creators! We had performers, vendors, drinks, and food! There was so much Jersey love in the building,” says Kiana.

The event was successful she created a part 2. I actually attended the first Network & Chill and it was a very fun time. You got to meet some dope people, and just be surrounded by positive vibes and energy. Everyone was there for the same purpose to chill and create. I think the night was successful, I wouldn’t change a thing.

“If I had to do anything different in my career, it would be to never settle! There were times where I did things just to have the name under my belt but got treated horribly! Never settle when it comes to your career because this industry is so nasty,”.

Me having the pleasure to know Kiana personally, she really does put a lot of time and effort into her projects and gets the job done. Watching all her projects and creations come to life is very motivational, I’m excited to continue watching her journey and seeing where she will be a few years from now within her career.

“In 4-5 years from I hope to see myself in a position to throw inspiring events worldwide that keeps the culture together,” says Kiana.

Kiana took a little break from work to focus on something more important. She just recently gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl.

“Motherhood has definitely changed me for the better. I see the world differently! I know everyone sees I took a slight break but that was because I had to regroup. I now have a little one who is going to look at my every move. I wanted to reevaluate my career and make sure the little person watching me will be watching all of the right things. I plan to teach my daughter how to be a boss so I gracefully got my mind right. I want to be the perfect role model for my daughter. In order to do that I had to cleanse my inner self. So now when I come back, my mind will be in a more mature space,”.
Kiana wanting to be the perfect role model for her daughter is very inspiring, gives her someone in her life she can look up to. She wants to be her daughters’ inspiration, and I’m sure Kiana had a little inspiration of her own on her journey to success. Taking a break I know she has some tricks and events in the making. I can’t wait to see what she has lined up for the near future.

“My biggest inspiration is Karen Civil! I don’t look up to many people but I’m beyond intrigued by her. We both started off in NJ, working as interns for funk flex. She branched off for Lil Wayne, I had the opportunity to work alongside Bobby Shmurda as his PR for a while so I see a resemblance in the 2. I aspire to be just as big as her one day! She’s definitely a true boss!”

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel more inspired than I did a few hours ago. Seeing someone so passionate about something and actually achieving their goals motivates me to go even harder for what I want. Ladies whatever you want to do, whatever you’re thinking about doing, do it! We have the power to achieve anything, our possibilities are endless, and Kayy Simone is a living breathing example of that!