New Dawn, New Day, New Jai



adjective | sol·id \ ˈsäləd \

  1. Firm and stable in shape
  2. Dependable; reliable”

Today is Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 and I’m currently feeling inspired as well as ready for change!

Here’s to new beginnings as we start the month of September. New month means a fresh start, clear mind, you get to re-event yourself. For the past few months I have been taking a step back in my life and really figuring out who I am as a person. As people we constantly are finding ourselves, and figuring out what direction in life we want to take. I’ve been at stages where my life was a complete mess until finally piecing the mess together. This journey towards structure took some help from family, friends, and prayer. I love the woman that I am transforming into. I am wise, I am beautiful, I am solid. For the month of September I plan to continue my quest of finding me, living my best life, and simply being happy. I know God has a plan for me, and I count on keeping him in mind on this journey. I encourage everyone to take a step back, look at life through a different light and make the month of September count as well as the months that follow.




noun| /blis\

  1. perfect happiness, great joy.

Today is October 10th, 2018 and I’m feeling really happy at the moment, haven’t smiled this much in forever!

Hello October! Oh how I’ve been waiting for you ! It’s a new month everyone, that means new goals, and new challenges. October has been good to me thus far, I’ve been smiling more often than usual. This month I feel so free. I feel like I can do anything that I put my mind too. If I can feel this, I’m sure the rest of you can too. The world is ours and we can live it however we want to, the choice is ours. September I stated that was the month I was going to continue finding myself, October I’m continuing that quest as well. September has brought me solidity, October has brought me bliss, can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in November!



verb| /ɡlō/

  1. feel deep pleasure or satisfaction and convey it through one’s expression and bearing.

noun | /ɡlō/

  1. a strong feeling of pleasure or well-being.

“That glow . . . the moment you accept and understand the world owes you nothing and you are not entitled to anyone’s love, kindness, consideration, understanding, friendship, time, money, devotion, commitment, professionalism, or even respect. The glow . . . that when someone does decide to give me any of these things . . . my heart bows in deep gratitude.” – Jada Pinkett Smith

Today is November 1st, 2018 and I’m glowing in more ways than one. The quote above speaks volumes on so many different levels. Once you find yourself, once you find self-love there’s no feeling like it. Someone who’s very found of heartbreak, the loss of friendships/ relationships, love, and money you sometimes ask yourself why me? What did I do to deserve this? The question isn’t why you, but why not? We go through things in life, some worse than others but we all have a story to tell. We go through different obstacles in life to teach us lessons, make us stronger, and help us grow. Going through what I’ve been through it’s made me such a stronger person. I’m wiser than I was before, and I’m living my life for ME. I understand that sometimes things just don’t go as planned, and that’s okay. But they will eventually work out how they’re supposed to be. Allowing myself to go through heartbreak, loss of relationships, etc. it’s made me appreciate all the blessings that have entered my life since then. Someone has come into my life and shown me a love I’ve never known before. He is my best friend, he makes me happy, he makes me feel secure. Feelings I would’ve never known if I didn’t experience my loss. I have beautiful friendships with some amazing people. We can count on each other for anything and know that we will always be there for each other. I love them and appreciate them, and they love and appreciate me. I am very humble and grateful for where I am in my life. The month of November will be full of growth, happiness, love, and GLOW.


noun | /ˈblessing/

  1. a prayer asking for God’s favor and protection.
  2. a beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Happy December Everyone!!!! Today is December 2nd, 2018 time is really flying! This is the month of joy, giving, and family. I’m looking forward to the smell of fresh baked cookies, lighting and decorating of the Christmas tree, and freeform Christmas special with all the movies! I’m at the point in my life where all that matters to me is happiness, finishing my senior year, and my family. I’ve been on this self love journey for a few months now, and the love I have for myself grows stronger and stronger each day. This month all I ask Santa for is good health, happiness, joy, and love. I can truly say that I’m blessed, and I hope everyone continues getting the blessings they deserve. December will be a great month for me, I hope it’s a great month for you all too!

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